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ReCA urban itinerary passes several architectural styles in the city, including the Railway Park, Neve Tzedek, Culture Square, Bauhaus Building, Tel-Aviv Court House, and Hilton Hotel. We also offer tours outside the city which include unique international styles in Emek Yisrael and brutalism styles at the Alma hotel south of the Carmel. We can tailor-make your tours in accordance with your interests in local culture, architectural style, or specific preferences. Book your tours by sites, distance, and the number of hours you wish to allocate. In our Guides team you find architects, authors, and Researchers of the field with high presentation skills and talented gifts to tell place-culture through Architecture.

Tour 1
Mapping of Little Tel Aviv

The story of the establishment of Tel Aviv-Jaffa begins in the twilight of the Ottoman rule in Palestine, continues through the British Mandate of the Land of Israel >>


Tour 3
Shoreline between the Ports

Tel Aviv is a coastal city on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea Basin. Summer weather, which prevails during most days of the year >>

נוף הים.jpg

Modernism Country Side

More info -- Soon.


Tour 2
Garden City of the Middle East

This tour will take you through the prominent landmarks of the International Style in Tel-Aviv. From the cultural center through the boulevards and city >>

קופת חולים זמנהוף 1.jpg

Tour 4
Architecture and Art

As the first Hebrew city, Tel Aviv has created mutual design relationships between architecture and art, and between community and place >>

רחבת המוזיאון 3.jpg


More info -- Soon.




Roy Gordon

Roy Gordon, (BArch) is the CEO of Rechter Architects and the CEO and co-founder of ReCA.

Dana_BY_RONENGOLDMAN (small).jpg

Dana Gordon

Dana Gordon, (MA, BArch) is a Tel-Aviv based Architecture Curator and practicing Architect.

Rossko portrait.jpg


Russko (MA) exploring the relations between community and space, uses architecture as a critical lens for culture research.

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