ReCA, Rechter Center for Architecture, a nonprofit organization, was founded by architect Amnon Rechter and architect Roy Gordon. “Rechter Architects”, currently celebrating 100 years of planning and designing at the forefront of Israeli Architecture.


We aim to perpetuate and enhance the contemporary discourse about  Architecture in Israel to confront current social and environmental issues. ReCA will encourage new architectural debates and activities within and about the Israeli public space concentrating also on underdeveloped urban areas. 


ReCA will invite scholars, architects, and artists to engage in an active inter-disciplinarian architectural research using mediums as diverse as the visual arts, dance, film, video, theater and more

We plan to achieve these goals through public programs, exhibitions, publications, research grants for students, young architects and scholars, and through online resources. The Rechter center has also set as its goal to make the entire body of the “Rechter Architects” archive, spanning almost 100 years, digitally accessible and free to the public.

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Atarim square 138, Tel Aviv


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