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Architecture and Art

The fact that Tel Aviv is a young city in which its national cultural and social characteristics have developed together as part of the formation of its identity. As the first Hebrew city, Tel Aviv has created mutual design relationships between architecture and art, and between community and place, in various aspects of the local culture. 

Even though this tour encompasses very short distances, it will reflect an untold number of perspectives on the development of architecture and art as two separate entities interlaced with one another. This tour will afford a glimpse – from the inside and from the outside – into the renewal of the city’s principal cultural buildings – Tel Aviv Museum, Shaar Zion Library, Tel Aviv Courthouse and others.

Tel-Aviv Museum Plaza

Site-specific works using various materials and techniques are planned at the Tel Aviv Museum Plaza. The artworks will enable us to examine the connection with the opulent architectural space consisting of public buildings with various uses, the Tel Aviv Courthouse, the municipal library, the Tel Aviv Museum, and the Cameri Theatre.

רחבת המוזיאון 3.jpg

The Old Tel Aviv Hall of Justice

The Tel Aviv Hall of Justice was designed by Architect Zeev Rechter in 1959-1960 (1899-1960), Moshe Zarchi (1923-2015) and Yacov Rechter (1924-2001) and was completed in 1966. One can be impressed by the concrete tablets within the building created by the artist Dani Karavan along with the construction works, a technique that bound architecture and art together.

בית אריאלה.jpg

Beit Ariela Shaar Zion Library

The Tel Aviv Library was dedicated in 1977. Following years of neglect, the building was renovated in 2021 and adapted to public functions of the 21st century as a multi-use cultural building. The iconic architectural brutalism symbolizes more than anything else the beginning of the post modern era of the city.

בית המשפט.jpg

Photo credit: Itay Sikolski

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