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A call from the present

Festive opening of the exhibition in the Colosseum building


Curator: Dana Gordon


Artists: Orna Versano-Malki, Amnon Rechter, Gili Marin, Michael Shevdron

About the Exhibition


The exhibition focuses on the daily life of Atarim Square and its surroundings, as a fascinating and diverse public space, and examines it as an arena that brings together the mundane and the freedom of the beach, with the urban space adjacent to it. This encounter, whose boundaries are sometimes clear and sharp and sometimes completely dissolved is brought about through photography, video and installation works.


The photographic works of the photographer-architect Gili Marin look directly at the physical space of the square, and emphasize the unique architecture of the place that has been preserved, along with the changes that have been implemented in it over the years.


The works of the photographer Michael Shevdron look at the intimate details of daily life that this space allows, and are displayed in a space that functioned as a dressing room in the strip club that functioned in the building until a few weeks ago.


Orna Versano-Malki's work "Flush Gordon" documents the Gordon Pool and its users in a documentary projected inside an old variable.


Architect Amnon Rechter's video work "Purgatorium" roams the space and obscures the differences between day and night, light and darkness, between sea noises and road and city noises.


The new works are accompanied by historical photographs, which express the spirit of the place from its inception.

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