Our Team

Amnon Rechter



For more than 20 years, Architect Amnon Rechter is at the front of public architecture in Israel. Third generation architect, he is the head of the oldest architectural firm in Israeli history, that celebrated 100 years in 2019. “Rechter Architects” have been arguably the most influential outfits, on cultural and civic life in Israel through their many iconic and important buildings throughout the state of Israel. His public buildings define in an original and thought-provoking way the elusive relationship between the expression of contemporary architecture that represent our time and era and between the iconic architecture of our founders generation, the architecture of the 50s and 60s. His work travels between the balancing and the contrasting, even juxtaposing between these architectural languages. 

Architecture has never been closer to cinema as every project is a Visual script telling us a new story. 

Lee Elstein


Lee Elstein, (BArch) is a 29 year old architect from Tel-Aviv. Lee seeks for inspiration in art and nature, cities
views and people.
Lee is a Bezalel academy of fine arts graduated, and as part of her studied travelled to Tokyo and Madrid for research. She is passionate about 
create versatile, playful and human kind scale
architecture, exhibitions and cultivating an architectural culture in Israel.

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Dana Gordon


Dana Gordon, (MA, BArch) is a Tel-Aviv based Architecture Curator and practicing Architect. She is the chief curator of the Architects’ House Gallery in Jaffa since May 2017, and has co-curated exhibitions such as The Elements of a city, The Future Home, Concrete Folklore and Timely Teaching: Idealistic Education and Modern Architecture. She is the chief curator of ReCA (Rechter Center for Architecture). Dana taught and assisted studio and curatorship courses at the School of Design and Innovation at the College of Management (2013-2017). She is the owner of “Dana Gordon Architecture Studio” since 2009, and specializes in the residential and housing plans, as well as collaborates with major Architecture firms in planning public buildings.  


Roy Gordon


Roy Gordon, (BArch) is the CEO of Rechter Architects and the CEO and co-founder of ReCA. As an Architect, Roy is responsible for major public projects such as the Tel-Aviv law court tower, Kfar Saba concert hall renovation, and the new law courts in Hadera, Zfat, and Tiberia.

Roy believes that Architecture debate and education are at the core of our culture and daily life.

photo credit: Marcel Prins

photo credit: Ronen Goldman