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Mapping of Little Tel Aviv

A Tour from Jaffa thru the eclectic architecture style of Little Tel Aviv, watching the "White City" along Rothschild Boulevard and its surroundings, including the unique and impressive collection of Bauhaus buildings in the "International Style"


Shoreline between the Ports

We will tour in the direction of old Yafo to the south, between the open spaces of the sea to the west and the architecture of the shoreline to the east. We will pass along broad parks together with the sea breeze until reaching the Shalom coexistence center in Jaffa.

נוף הים.jpg

Modernism Country Side

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Garden City of the Middle East

This tour will take us through the preeminent landmarks of the International Style of that period, from the cultural center through the boulevards and city, hidden gardens, and central squares, ending at an observation point on the seashore.

קופת חולים זמנהוף 1.jpg

Architecture and Art

This tour will afford a glimpse – from the inside and from the outside – into the renewal of the city’s principal cultural buildings – Tel Aviv Museum, Shaar Zion Library, Tel Aviv Courthouse and others.

רחבת המוזיאון 3.jpg


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